Jennifer Hunt

Headshot of Jennifer Hunt.

Background and Experience

I relocated from Western New York in 2012 and taught at Hopewell and Lake Norman Charter. I re-careered in 2022 and am a content writer for a forestry consulting firm in Charlotte. I volunteered for Angels and Sparrows' Read a Book, Earn a Book campaign in the 2022-2023 school year, which was developed to help immigrant families attain social mobility. I also volunteer at Mosaic Church in Charlotte as a host on their livestream team.

Reason for Running

I believe in the citizens' vision of our town. In my career, I spent over a decade serving and advocating for young people and their families. I'm running for Huntersville Commissioner to create a board where residents feel heard, represented, and understood. We are at an inflection point in Huntersville, and I am part of new leadership that is responsive to the needs of the town and its citizens. 

Values and Priorities

Environmental Stewardship

Studies show that people are happier when they are connected to nature. We can enhance greenspaces and greenways with pollinator habitats and implement a town composting program to reduce food waste. We can also incentivize developers to include more eco-friendly options and add recycling and compost bins in public spaces. Lastly, we should hire a town arborist to advise elected officials, the planning staff, and developers.

Creating a Huntersville for Everyone

We can collaborate with local non-profits to address affordable housing issues and continue adding sidewalk connections and bike lines to make areas safe and accessible for all. We can also celebrate the holidays of various cultural groups in our downtown space and add additional programming in Veterans Park.

Community Engagement and Education

An informed populace is an empowered populace. We can include diverse representation on planning and advisory boards and create an online and/or asynchronous version of the popular Huntersville 101 class to increase resident participation. If elected, I will avail myself to residents and caucus groups to answer questions. Lastly, I will write blog posts and create videos to answer common questions from residents.

Managing Sustainable Growth

Managing sustainable growth is within our power. We should adhere to the 2040 Plan and prioritize redevelopment and infill. We can approach each new development thoughtfully and holistically, considering how it will impact residents long-term.