Christy Clark

Headshot of Christy Clark.

Background and Experience

As a product of public schools herself, Christy believes wholeheartedly in the importance of good, equitable public schools. In her experience, education is the building block for success. Christy was the first person in her immediate family to graduate from college. During the pandemic, Christy joined the staff at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools as Guest Teacher where she has worked for 1.5 school years. 

Christy’s experience as a volunteer with Moms Demand Action taught her the power of grassroots organizing. She began volunteering with the organization after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. As a volunteer leader, Christy became learned about North Carolina’s gun laws and their impact on the state. She was a volunteer speaker at committee meetings and met with legislators. She led a statewide network of volunteers who hosted events, raised awareness of gun safety, and prevented the passage of dangerous gun bills. 

Her volunteer experience inspired her to run for the North Carolina General Assembly in 2018. She served in the General Assembly from 2019-2020 where she served on the Judicial, Agriculture, Regulatory Reform, and Capital Appropriations Committees. During her service in Raleigh, she became a North Carolina Institutes of Health Fellow.

Christy has served on the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party executive committee as the Huntersville Regional Vice Chair as well as her neighborhood Home Owner’s Association. She completed Huntersville 101 in 2017.

Values and Priorities


Christy is a strong advocate for public education. As an employee in a public school, she sees firsthand the importance of a fully funded public education system that will support teachers, teaching assistants, and students. She is a member of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Educators Association.

Environmental Stewardship

Christy completed the Catawba-Wateree Citizens Academy to strengthen her knowledge of the watershed. 

Christy will advocate for the preservation of environmental resources, the expansion of protected lands, and connecting the parks and greenways. Christy plans to prioritize tree canopy preservation and protect water quality.

Public Safety

Christy’s advocacy for gun safety extends to ensuring law enforcement is safe in the line of duty. She supports properly funding the town’s budget to ensure that we retain the outstanding personnel that our town has and keep our citizens safe by getting the best police officers available.

Smart Growth

Huntersville continues to be one of the fasting growing towns in North Carolina. Christy will advocate for smart development that ensures growth does not overburden schools, roads, and healthcare facilities. Christy will work to properly fund the future of Huntersville and address our infrastructure needs. 

Traffic continues to be an issue for Huntersville. Christy will build upon partnerships with NCDOT to ensure the strategic development of roadways. 


Christy believes freedom is America’s most cherished value, and that freedom has to mean freedom for everyone. All LGBTQ, Black, and Brown community members should have the same chance to earn a living, provide for their families, and love like everyone else.  Christy advocates for everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity.