Edwin Quarles

Headshot of Edwin Quarles.

Background and Experience

I am a seasoned Democrat and am honored to share my vision and seek your valued support in my run as your selected candidate in the upcoming race for a seat on the Board of Commissioners for the Town of Huntersville. 

I humbly request your support and endorsement in my campaign to represent the Democratic values that lie at the heart of our community. Together, let's build a brighter future for Huntersville, one that prioritizes democratic principles, progress, and the collective interests of our residents. Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to work alongside the esteemed Democratic Party representatives to achieve our shared vision for Huntersville.


I have a long history in Huntersville. Moving here in 1995 I met my wife whose family has roots in Huntersville going back nearly 100 years, starting with our Uncle Kit. Uncle Kit passed away in the last few weeks at the age of 94. He was given the Key to the Town of Huntersville for his work and his sharing of Huntersville’s history over the years as a resident in Huntersville. Starting with Uncle Kit, there are over 100 extended family members who have called Huntersville home, many of whom still live here. My wife Sherry of 21 years, completed school from Kindergarten through High School, graduating from North Mecklenburg High School before attending college at UNC-Chapel Hill. 

We intend to retire in Huntersville and expect that our children and grandchildren along with extended family will continue to live and visit Huntersville for many years to come. Therefore, protecting and guiding Huntersville’s growth and development, nurturing a true sense of community among Huntersville’s residents and ensuring affordability and livability of Huntersville is extremely important to me and our extended family. 

Military, Entrepenurship, and Volunteer Experience

My distinguished military service background has instilled in me the discipline and dedication necessary to serve our community effectively. Additionally, my leadership experience at Coca-Cola and First Union showcases my ability to navigate and manage complex organizations, ensuring efficiency and success. As a small business owner, I intimately understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, which fuels my drive to advocate for policies that foster local economic growth. 

My extensive history of community volunteering reflects my genuine passion for giving back to the place we call home, a place I am committed to making even better. With a diverse skill set, I am determined to leverage my leadership acumen, business acuity, and community-driven mindset to foster growth, transparency, and inclusivity in local governance. I believe in working collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure the prosperity and well-being of every resident in our town. 

Mobilizing Voters

Practically speaking I think my platform and community connections affords me a unique opportunity to mobilize and gain the black vote for the party. I also believe that my practical, common-sense approach along with my commitment to serving every citizen of my community will attract the independent vote as well as some crossover votes from moderate Republicans. Since announcing my campaign, we have already mobilized more than 80 volunteers to help spread the word about our agenda. We firmly believe we can mobilize traditional voters as well as new community members and voters who have been demotivated by local elections. We have identified a team to work specifically on voter registration, from High School Seniors who are eligible to vote, to disenfranchised voters who have work to do to register, establish proper identification and to navigate absentee votes and early voting. 

Providing Resources

My website is built to be a promotion of my candidacy as well as a resource to citizens to find valuable information regarding voting, what’s happening at Town Hall, community events and political action group information, and more. My weekly updates will share details from meeting attendance at board meetings, planning committee meetings, at volunteer organization and shared events with others.

Reason for Running

Smart Growth

I am dedicated to smart growth, preserving Huntersville’s unique character and quality of life. With collaborative planning, we’ll address infrastructure, boost economic vitality, and safeguard our environment. Let’s shape a future that balances progress with preservation, making Huntersville a vibrant, inclusive, and desirable place to call home.

Transparent and Responsive Governance

My foremost pledge is to uphold the values of transparent and responsive government in Huntersville. I firmly believe that open communication and accountability are the cornerstones of effective leadership. I will actively engage with the community, listening to your concerns, ideas, and aspirations. Together, we will work hand-in-hand, making decisions collaboratively, ensuring your voices  heard and respected. I am committed to providing clear and accessible information about our town’s affairs, finances, and decisions. With a focus on transparency and responsiveness, I aim to build trust and foster a stronger, united community that thrives on active citizen participation and shared governance.


As your advocate, I am driven by a steadfast commitment to hold not only our Huntersville Commissioners, Mayor and town staff accountable but also county officials, neighboring towns, and state representatives. Your tax dollars should be spent wisely and in consideration of local, regional and statewide impact. Our community’s growth and prosperity rely on transparent governance and effective collaboration. I will tirelessly work to ensure that all levels of government uphold their responsibilities and commitments to our residents. By fostering open dialogue, promoting accountability, and building strong partnerships, we will create a unified force that demands responsible decision-making and equitable outcomes for our entire region. Together, we will empower our voices for a brighter future for Huntersville and surrounding communities.

Values and Priorities

Smart Development

Spending every tax dollar wisely and bringing tax dollars to Huntersville from natural landscape developments and or bringing businesses to Huntersville so families can have more family friendly enjoyment versus having to leave to go to another city or town. Public Safety “Huntersville Chief of Police Graham loves and has brought into my plan”. Chief Graham's exact words were "Edwin, I have never heard a candidate to ever mention protection for the battered women in this town, and you should use this on your platform to your advantage, because this is the right thought process". With that said, bring video hearings to Huntersville for the protection of the many battered women in town. Many of the battered women in Huntersville never go before a magistrate, because of either the travel distance to Charlotte, and or not having adequate transportation to get to Charlotte after they have been battered. 

Affordable Housing

Giving our teachers and other workers who work in Huntersville a place to call home versus having them to leave our town and pay taxes elsewhere for gas, food, and shopping. Affordable housing will help keep more dollars in Huntersville.  

Transparency and Open Communication Accountability

I will own up to every leadership decision I make, and will continue my open platform for the constituents to question me on town topic items. I learned in the U.S. Air Force that a leader stands up to his/her decisions, no matter how tough they may be.